‘Daily news’ 2006

Performance   ” Daily News ”  July    2006


 Collaboration with visual artist and my friend  Mihajlo Cvetkovic   -duration 21 min


Performed on the Festival of Progresive Hopes  in the Cara Lazara Street in gallery ”Chaos”


                                  Belgrade- Serbia





I had collaboration performance with my friend and visual artist Mihajlo Cvetkovic in Belgrade.

The first time when we were thinking about special action for that particulary form of event, we

decided to make performance which will have form of Daily News on any televisons.

We were organised everything and we took the space of gallery ,the best as we could.

We had sound master and many cameras and sure so much persons in the public.

After introduction of Italian ambassador in Serbia and secretar of the City Government we

started emision from Gallery window.

We collected 7 days before performance several news from national newspapers and we made

our new version and construction of the performance.We had as in real news department for:

politics, international affairs, world news, news from region,cilture, sport news and weather news.

We were speaking  alternately and many people in the public were observing us trough the glass

window.Sometimes we were  as BBC or SNN speakers because of gestual and face expresion

and it was very funny for public.

We finished this performance after 21 minutes and left the space of gallery.



Author: Branko Miliskovic and Mihailo Cvetkovic

Guests in culture department: Jelena Arandjelovic and Maja Beganovic



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