‘Instructions’ 2007

BRANKO MILISKOVIC                                       


              ‘’  INSTRUCTIONS ‘’  



This is a live installation-performance which is product of my investigations in area of mental and physical possibilities of my body.

This particulary ,,game’’ which title is    ‘’Instructions’’ actually is performance in loop but not in same way as in video installation.

In performance action every repetition is  different than one before.


Construction of live installation:


Start: 14:20 , Finish 19:00

Duration: 4 hours 47 minutes

Element of expression : gum ball, body and space

Instructions : recorded my own voice on the computer which giving to me special instructions.



INTRODUCTION         (2 min)


Instruction 1   -Take the ball … and start hiting the ball against the floor .   5 min)


Stop action.


Instruction 2   -Put ball on the floor and sit on. ..

                          Start jumping . ( 5 min )

Stop action                



Instruction 3   Take the ball… and press it with your back against the wall 

                           as much as it in your possibility. ( 5 min )


Stop action.



Instruction 4    Turn you back and press your face against the ball as much as you                 

                            can.                        ( 5 min )


 Stop action



 Instruction  5    Take the ball…and hold it in your hands, as you wish .

                              (8  min ) 


Drop the ball on the floor.


Hour 2, Hour 3, Hour 4 –Loop of same action.  




I performed this live installation-performance in new cultural space MKM  in Belgrade one day before opening  and I wanted to know what will happening with my body and my mind  for a long time non-stop performing same action constructed from 5 parts and 5 instructions.

Also, I wanted to see public reactions during the observation and  how much public can be concentrate.

I started performance at 2 :20 pm, and finished at 7 pm.

Actually performance ought to be 4 hours long, but I didn’t have sence for real time and I continued for 40 minutes more.

After 9 times of 30 minutes action I was completely exhausted because I didn’t drink water before and during the performance time and my body started to take water from other parts of my body to protect me from dehydration . After 3 hours non stop action I tought I can’t continue but in that time my body and mind entered in second state of concentration and I was thinking only on action and completely forgot time of finishing and it was only way how to continue performance for a long time.

On the beginning of live installation-performance in 5 th instruction ,, Take the ball and hold it in your hands as you wish’’ I was holding and moving ball very expressive but after 4 hours of performance the big blue ball was only thing which helped me to keep rest of energy for onother repetitions .

At the end of performance-live installation I decided to blow out blue ball and declare performance as finished.



Performer and directive : Branko Miliskovic

Camera: Nenad Glisic  -Sony HVR-Z1

Video production: www.tenk.org.yu

Photos: Bojana Rajevic , Jelena Arandjelovic, Jelena Stojanovic

Performed in MKM in Belgrade

May 31 th  2007



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