Performance artist -Body language

During the many years of investigating work and life of famous opera artist Maria Callas I have been faced with so many elements which makes one artist unforgettable.Maria Callas once said :’ When I m performing I must be sure that one half of my brain is completelly work and second half is completelly lost.Making balance in between is one of the most difficult thing in any performance piece.I found one rare and particularly video piece when Maria Callas,during the instrumental part of aria, actually performing music story through specific body language.In performance art, there mustn’t be any empty space during the performing.


5 thoughts on “Performance artist -Body language

  1. Hi Branko, here I am, this time as a guest in your blog.
    I wish you luck with your newly born blog:)

    I have this Callas video on DVD. I also read the Callas biography “sacred monster”… She was a true performer.

    I believe there should be an empty space during a performance and that space should be used as a puffer in the performer’s head. A blank space that is always ready to trigger and get filled with the audience’s reactions, personal invention and spontaneous reaction to our own inventive process.

    big hug

    Ivan Civic

  2. Hi Ivan,

    Thanks so much for your personal reacton on my blog theme about Maria Callas.
    Maria Callas is more than performer…
    I was most impressed when I found some of her rare audio records from Master Class held in New York 1972.
    This is amassing…..I couldnt see her teaching but I could feel it perfect.
    For performance artist in any sence of that word…the most important thing is not only how do you managing with your body and emotions, than also way of personal interaction with other people and energy influence…
    Every time when I am talking with somebody, I must be sure I am listening him/her…otherwise everything can be visible on my face and body.
    But milion of things I cant explain jet cause it is part of energy inbetween and spirit…and without that people couldnt be able to feel each other.

    This is just one short statement about one part of my investigations.

    Keep each other updated!

    Grote dag

    Branko Miliskovic

  3. tragic role for DIVA
    I am melted and very disturbed sympathising with her deeply honest exaltation…
    Great performer need a bit of insein.

  4. I think it should be an empty space more or less planed by artist.
    sometimes a blank space can talk even the performer isn’t able to feel it .

  5. Thank you so much for giving your own reflections regarding given theme which can be very inspirative for everybody who want to learn more about attitude in performance.

    Branko MIliskovic

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