Press release for Alba Art Show



           Alba Art Show 17th of May -1st of June 2008 
 The Art Tourism in the Young Century Appreciating the current climate of growing interest in the contemporary art, the city of Alba is pleased to announce the founding of its first international contemporary art event – the Alba Art Show in May 2008. This initiative will be embodied in a two-fold exhibition in the City Exhibition Hall, which will show both the achievements of the local art galleries and organizations, and a separate segment – an international exhibition of performance and video works. The proposed theme for the show implicates the present time and place. The Situation of the 00s – “the decade that has not yet been named” refers to the century still young, one that promises new exciting developments, if only we can learn from our mistakes.
  The proliferating international art biennials usually have objective to provide the reflection of the current times, in order to show the pulse of the contemporary creativity.  If we understand present as a “young century” we can hope to contribute to its good education and healthy formation in symbolic sense. In more literal sense, by presenting international artworks created in the 00s, the international portion of the exhibition showcases this young potentiality and its burst of creativity.  The notion of the art tourism became all-encompassing phenomenon of the late capitalist world in which people in ever more increasing numbers express the interest in the arts. How will it manifest itself in the context of the culturally rich town of Alba, and how it will affect its more traditional structures, are some of the questions this event will try to pose to its audience. “Here and There”This choice of making two separate exhibitions within one larger event is purposely hybrid in its nature and hope to reflect the inclusiveness of art world today. It is the understanding of the organizers that there exists a need to look also outside of the confines of its own rich artistic legacy and practice, and to show a portion of the vibrant new art that is made in the international context. Therefore, the Alba Art Show 2008 will consist of two segments.Segment “Here”: Alba participants will show their work in focused, separate small exhibitions in a manner of an art fair.Participants in Alba present the art landscape of this place: from the oldest gallery in town established in 1961 — Angelo Galleasso  Gallery,  to Industrial Art organization Aganahuei,  Photographic Studio Carpediem of Bruno Murialdo, to the youngest gallery in town — Anna Bondonio Camandona Art Gallery.Segment “There”:  International exhibition will focus on leading emergent artists in the media of video and performance of performance and video art curated by Jovana Stokic: The Art Tourists  The notion of an artist as an art-tourist is a premise for the participation of six performance artists who will be flown to Alba to perform their  long duration performances: the duo TBL (TallBlondLadies),  Declan Rooney, Viola Yesiltac, Branko Miliskovic, and Eunhye Hwang.The exhibition will also  feature a specially commissioned video installation by Davide  Balliano, and an additional  selection of video art. As these artists will be able to visit Alba only for a day or two before their performances, they will be put in a situation of a tourist in a new environment. But their performances will represent them not as inane tourists in an unknown city, but as informed individuals willing to acquire new knowledge.  At the same time, their performances are intended to be an open-ended conversation with the viewers in Alba.  In order to investigate these interrelations, the project’s subtitle can be formulated as: “How to be an art tourist?”  Six performance artists, who belong to the younger generation of artists working in this medium, all actively participate in many artistic projects around the world. The artists who will present their work in Alba are present in the Abramovic Foundation archive founded in 2007 by the pioneer performance artist, Marina Abramovic.  The artist established this archive of contemporary performance artists in order to  both preserve the legacy of long-duration performance she  practices, and also  to point to new visionary paths that performance art will take in the future by young generations of performance artists.Special Thanks to Abramovic Foundation.


Press release written by Jovana Stokic 
Here is picture I have got from Anna and Giorgio one of organizers  Alba Art Show and picture is taken from main  space which going to be occupied from six performance artist:Branko Miliskovic,TBL(Tall Blond Ladies)-Anna Berndtson & Irina Runge, Declan Rooney, Viola Yesiltac and Davide Balliano-video artist.I hope that everything going to be suitable for everybody.I will refresh information about this future happening as soon as I get more elements to say more.  

 Branko Miliskovic       



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