Lost in space and time



          Performance-living installation  titled as ‘’Lost in space and time’’ is second one performance in the field of my investigations connected with human body in space and time. First one performance titled as’’ Relations in space and time’’ I performed in Cultural Center of Youth in Belgrade in 2006.Through performances I am managing with extremely long time in which performer is exposed to several very difficult requirements.

In performance ‘’Relations in space and time’’2006  I was sitting on metal chair watching in one point in front of me, completely motionless for period of 6 hours.After finished performance I had strong experience in how  performer body can respect determinate time and space given to him under the minimal but extremely difficult requirements.For second performance-living installation ‘’ Lost in space and time’’ I am planning to take one space in hall and to make performance with duration of 6 hours.Performance-living installation will contains  just three elements: Performer bodyOne big travel bag with wheelsSound of digital metronome on the loud speakers During the performance I will remain completely silence trying to find way how to express myself as stronger as it possible as lost in one minimal space and time.I have got idea after thinking what’s happening to me every time when I come in new and to me unknown space.I am using term –space- which can mean new city, environment, country, airport or train station.Through this performance I am curious to see how can I control my looseness and to try to hold constant tension during the 6 hours which statement require high level of concentration and self control and sure, prepared performer body . Performance should be documented in form of Video and Photo.Performance is planning for Alba Art Show in Italy  for 17,18 of May 2008  curated by Jovana Stokic


Branko Miliskovic    



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