‘Who are You ?’ Live performance

Photo by: Emilia Ryszka

Link for page Who are You ?

Performance  ‘’Who are You ?’’  I performed in Stoemp Gallery space in The Hague in The Netherlands.

I was invited to perform one particularly sort of action suitable for the space of gallery Stoemp. I couldn’t perform one of my long duration body performances cause I had feeling that sort of action will not succeed that night 26th of April 2008.

I decided to perform talking with each participant individually on theme Who They are. I was trying, in that not so easy action, to invite their individual self portrait through the speaking. Started with basic introduction, each participant had opportunity to present to me himself/herself  and as far as time was passing I was trying how to enter as deeper as it possible in that moment in the body,brain and emotions of each participant ,sometimes going too deep in their privacy but in the and no one refused to respond on my questions.

It was very good experience talking with each participant continuously and strongly for a period of 2 hours, cause each person is individual with specific life background and heritage and sure specific way of thinking and way of working.It was very precious talking with people from different job background and all the time I had feeling I must open myself for another one life more.

All  speeches are recorded as audio material and each participant agreed to sign special contract ,which one I made for that opportunity, and give to me permission I can publish their speeches as audio material on my weblog.

I will make for visitors of my weblog page two audio versions of recorded speeches one short version as sound trailer, and second one full audio version with almost 2 hours duration for visitors who would like to hear how it was.

Also you can find soon and separate page with selected photographs from the performance and scanned contracts.


Lenny Waasdorp

Brian Boelen

Sanne Maes

Grzegorz Kedys

Thorsten Nass

Ewa Kijowska Stroes

Jacek Futiakiewicz


Branko Miliskovic


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