Dear all friends,

I have arrived in Den Haag on Tuesday night from Alba in Italy when I was hosted together with Davide Balliano, Viola Yesiltac,Irina Runge ,Anna Berndtson,Declan Rooney and Eunhye Hwang. We were performing for two days long durational performances in Palazzetto Mostre e Congressi in the centre of Alba town.

Performances are curated by Jovana Stokic under the Marina Abramovic Foundation for preservation of performance art.

I am now very busy with collecting huge amount of taken photographs and 12 tapes of video materials so I will need a more time to manage but you going to be informed as soon as I prepare the best photographs and texts from the performance.

So, for now I attached just one photo from my long durational living installation ‘LOST IN SPACE AND TIME’ from Day 2. Photo is taken by Bruno Murialdo

All the best and I will keep You informed on my weblog.


Branko Miliskovic




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