Photo by Bruno Murialdo

Photo by Viola Yesiltac

Photo by Silvia Muratore

Branko Miliskovic


I have always been interested in direct contact with the public, trying to establish a particular level of communication by strong minimal elements, and to give energy to the public and receive it again and again…
I believe that the body can make particular tension and stimulate natural electrical charge around performer after a long durational performance.

I like a sentence which Maria Callas has said:

’’Before each performance I must be sure that one half of my brain is  completely active and second half is completely lost.’’

I have performed in Alba a new  performance:

‘’ Lost in space and time’’

Performance-living installation was consist of  three elements:

  1. Dressed Body
  2. Travel bag with wheels
  3. Sound of  metronome from the loud speakers

Through this performance I was curious to see how  I can control my looseness in the space, and to try to retain constant tension between me and public during the long duration of the performance.

Performance-living installation lasted 2 days per 4 hours

Visitors: 500 -800

Performed in PALAZZETTO MOSTRE E CONGRESSI  in Alba – Italy


Organization by : Anna Bondonio & Giorgio Camandona

Performance: Branko Miliskovic

Photographs: Viola Yesiltac ,Bruno Murialdo, Declan Rooney, Silvia Muratore

Video:   Alba Art Show & Caruso

Curator: Jovana Stokic

Dedicated to: Marina Abramovic (Abramovic Foundation for Preservation of Performance Art)

17th & 18th of May 2008


2 thoughts on “LOST IN SPACE AND TIME

  1. Branko,

    Looks good.
    You could think about collecting all the Photographs You got
    From this Performance and make a Grid for a Presentation I can only imagine this would be amazing.
    You really look lost.

    Hope you are well,


  2. Viola,

    Thank You so much for supporting and I must say that without You, Declan and Bruno I wouldnt have today those of nice photographs and I can collect them, I must cause it is my duty.
    Hope we can see each other as I have said in Los Angeles..heh

    Best regards for You and say Hello to Marina when you see her in New York

    Branko Miliskovic

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