Den Haag Sculptuur 08

This year 2008, traditional Den Haag Sculptuur or The Hague Sculpture exhibition is perhaps one of the most important exhibition due the establishing connection between Europe and America as well as European audience and American artists or artists who were establishing their art careers in America. However the theme is Freedom and displays existing or recent work by well-known and high profile artists living and working (or who lived and worked) in America such as Carl Andre, Louise Bourgeois, James Lee Byars , Paul Mc Carthy, Sam Durant, Felix Gonzales Torres , Dan Graham , Hans Haacke , Jenny Holzer ,Sol Le Witt , Louise Nevelson ,Roxy Paine , Bernard Rosenthal ,Julian Schnabel , Joel Shapiro, KIki Smith , Mark di Suvero , Bill Viola ,Kara Walker and Meg Webster…The Hague Sculpture aims to show what freedom means for artists themselves through their own eyes, and indirectly, how important it is for us, visitors and passers-by , to cherish freedom, and not to take it for granted.

Exhibition ‘Freedom’ is opened from 6th of June till 31st of August 2008 and situated in The Hague in Lange Voorhout street beside American embassy and in several other city spaces. For me , perhaps, the most expresive work is wor of Paul Mc Carthy titled as ‘BUSH Inflatable’ located in city hall of Den Haag ( Stadhuis designed by architect Richard Mayer ). McCarthy made huge infaltable head of ex- american president George W.Bush lying on the floor of city hall high almost 8 m.

Also the catalogue of Den Haag Sculptuur is consist of well known artists and of 3D students from Royal Academy of Art in The Hague who were participated for the best students proposition for Den Haag Sculptuur regarding theme Freedom.I have not been awarded sure, but I am one of ten students who have got possibility to be shown as a main part of the catalogue Freedom 08. My proposal is on page 102 and here is scanned page attached on this blog.

Best regards from sunny Den Haag

Branko Miliskovic



All informations are availabe on



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