24 hours for 24 minutes




Two days ago I decided to make one video recording from my room in The Hague due the I have always been inspired by particularly designed roads and traffic lights columns in front of my building. So I took tripod and camera and organized it in one impossible position in my room.

Well conception was very clear, to find one angle of recording and to retain it in same position for 24 hours continuously.

I gave to myself huge responsibility due the I have to record each first minute from each hour but extremely precise .

So, during the writing this notification I didn’t sleep for 32 hours and I am need 2 hours more to finish 24th hour . Main point is to catch one minute-first minute from each hour and to collect 24 minutes on camera from 24 hours of real time. Well I am now bit ok cause I have survived today several times collapse caused of sleepless and I wasn’t sure will I have enough power to finish 24th hour.

This performance-installation-documentary work suppose to be extremely precise and I cam move everywhere during the 59 minutes of each hour but I must be at the camera in the beginning of each hour to record just one minute of ‘’determinate  time’’, so cause of many strong requirements I didn’t leaving house except one time cause my visa extension procedures and second time I was going in the market for some goods. The body feeling is enormous strange cause I am drinking all the time strong coffee to keep me awake if it is possible and also I am eating so much all the time. I am not satisfied in watching movies or working on computer –it can make me more tired, so that means I was going for an extra amount of necessity for sleepless art moments in The Hague. And I become angry like never before in one moment cause somebody from the higher floor of my building was dropping down large quantity of water and my window become completely wet, but it is not problem about window, bigger problem is about wet camera which was on the tripod very close to the open part of the window…so I was unable to see who the fuck was that dropping water from above and pretending perhaps to stop my video documentation. I don’t know. Now it seems ok.


I will keep you informed what’s going to happened  with this video installation in the further time.


Best regards from Den Haag


Branko Miliskovic



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