I am bored of changing living places

This is one of the most depressive periods of my residence in The Netherlands.

Why? This question is very sensitive cause I have to manage several things in my life before I start final study year in KABK in The Hague. I would like just to remind. First, when I came in The Hague in October 2007 I was living and sharing room with one Indonesian guy who was very kind in that moment and offered to me opportunity to resident myself for the first three months. I must say I have survived him cause , sometimes, he was unexplainable boring and in several moments he made me nervous very often without any explainable reason. Sometimes I couldn’t listen his talks via internet with his numbness family or his wife , and the most shocking moments were where he was chatting with his wife and one million times sent to her huge kiss via microphone…ah it was amazing disturbing . Can you imagine when somebody kissing microphone very slightly approximately one hundred times per one call just to simulate how much he loves her .    

So after that, I went to Belgrade during the New Year and came back in The Hague in the middle of January 2008. And , two months before that I made contract with one girl from The Hague and she has offered to me room for a seven months.

So, till now, everything was very fine , but now problems arriving. I have to find another one living space in The Hague before 1st of August and to relocate my staff.

I was going today several times from one office to another one for house offering and everywhere they told me that I have to make reactions on several places in the city as soon as the places become offered but it is fucking lottery and when they asked me for how long I am reacting on places and after I said I am making reactions for two weeks they surprisingly remind me that they already have several people who have been waiting for two or sometimes three years for living space.

Well, what I can say, I am very desperate this days and I hope someone will make me surprised in the near future.


Best regards


Branko Miliskovic


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