Here I am in Berlin after one year.I just have arrived two days ago and now I am hosted in Declan Rooney and Eunhye Hwang house in Berlin.Well, Berlin is gorgeous as usually and I must admit that I have really missed this Berlin continental temperature without windy waves from seaside and strong concentration of water in the air as it is usually in Den Haag.

Yesterday I had opportunity to be present when Barac Obama was arriving in Berlin and , in fact , I didnt even know what is actually happening and so many people were standing beside me taking pics and waiting for somebody to pass trough the street and little bit later I have figure out that it was Obama in his visitation of Berlin, but whatever.So, now I am staying in Berlin till 29th of July and after I am traveling again back in The Hague to pick up my staff and flying to Belgrade for one month after 8 months of continual residence in The Netherlands.In The Hague I am again from 1st of September prepared for a new fights.


Branko Miliskovic


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