BELGRADE-part of joy, part of stress

Ah, here I am in Belgrade from the beginning of August and till now, I hade so turbulent period which is BTW still turbulent and unpredictable.First, when I arrived I had so many visitation, meetings with friends and wide fumily , every day per 3 people. I must addmit it was really stressfull period, but suddenly after my grandmother has passed away and it was my first bad moment-really bad.Soon after my health became so sensitive and I had so many problems with my lungs and breathing organs ,and I still have, but probably I can say, today is better. I was suspecting on several factors and problems and sure on my tooth No8 which is on the way to grow up but regarding X ray growing up of that tooth is unpossible. That fucking tooth makes me problems and problems, so I have appointment for surgery in Friday…I really hope I will live this problem behind myself at last.

Till next opportunity 

Best from Belgrade

Branko Miliskovic


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