New beginning again.

I have arrived i The Hague few days ago and till this moment I am in completelly shock and agony due the I didnt find any living place which might suit to me for a longer period.I am currently in one Ad Hoc place, which is former office building, so now, I am sleeping in furnished office, but just very temporary, I hope.

Ah, and this is my first day on Academy also.But I had luck in this field and have got a nice working place.If I could I would replace myself inside of the studio and retaining a normal life, if I can say normal life.So now, I am searching for such a object where I can add my subject and completelly personality and tell to myself ”Now this fact is finished” but who knows which problems more are waiting for me. If I must chose between being health  in good condition and be homeless I would rather chose first solution.

This is just for today…next time I will publish something very hot from my turbulent life.


Branko Miliskovic


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