I replaced myself in Rotterdam


Picture has been taken from : http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=rotterdam&w=61633889%40N00



After so many problems and misfortunes in searching for living space in The Hague I have decided to relocate myself in Rotterdam. Well, I am still studying in The Hague but my current living place is in Rotterdam. I figured out that I really missed traveling from home to the faculty, as I did for 15 years in Belgrade. Somehow, I felt in previous place, I really don’t have time to rest myself when my living place is so close to the working place. I really felt necessity to take longer period of traveling by train and just to rest my brain in between house and faculty. Sure, I have attack on my wallet now due the Holland train transport is one of the most expensive transports in the EU but  in this moment I don’t care and I am trying to make balance between my financial and health factors. Rotterdam is ,sure, amazing town. First time when I have arrived in Rotterdam I didn’t have such a feeling about City of Architecture in The Netherlands but when you live one period in one city and than another one , you get a really clear view what is City and what is Village. Rotterdam brings all of those attributes to be called City, as a Belgrade, Frankfurt, Berlin…

Branko Miliskovic


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