Detention Paradise




Detention Paradise is a short film, a sublimation of my past and my present. There is no predictable future, just an illusion of the period of time to come, with a very pathetic ending. 

The film starts with my communist past, during the ‘’lovely’’ time I spent in Yugoslavia. I was the last generation of Tito’s pioneers. That is the first image in this film entitled FATHERLAND. One year later Yugoslavia didn’t exist anymore. In 1990 the war started,  and since that moment I felt like a detainee in my own country.

In 1999 Serbia was bombed by NATO.

Through this short film,personal drama of absurdity, I wanted to show to the audience that extremely bizarre period which covered more than 20 years of my life. Individual and collective guilt for (non)committed crime  took a central place in this film. 

Detention Paradise jumps from one identity to another, from a true story to an imaginary one, from a dream to a ritual…  the language of the body often taking over from the word, interrupting it or, on the contrary, stimulating it. 

Detention Paradise is guided by several principles including discontinuity, ritualization and frontality as well as fiction.


At the end there is no expectation,just a natural necessity to go further…if there is something further.





Branko Miliskovic


‘’Detention Paradise’’  short film – absurd drama

Duration : 7 minutes 30 sec

Camera and editing by author.

DVD Pal , Wide screen 16:9

Language: English, Serbian

Title: English


KABK, The Hague, The Netherlands


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