Rejection from MA Course from The Hague!

Dear Branko,
After extensive deliberation, the entrance committee decided that it
is not appropriate to recommend that you be admitted to the
Mastercourse in Artistic Research. The key reasons for this are as
During the interview and your presentation last Friday, you showed
that you have a clear idea of your work. However, despite your
straightforward and perhaps overly confident attitude it became clear
that there is a lot of confusion in the way in which you want to
position yourself as an artist, as well as confusion about the
artistic context of your work.
This fact, combined with the problems you described you had as a
student at the KABK, convinced the committee that you will not be in
the right place in this research master. Your firm convinctions and at
the same time, a certain unwillingness or incapacity to enter into an
open dialogue with others, make it hard to imagine you in a group of
students that are discovering different possibilities to develop a
research based practice. It seems that you know where you want to go
and that you are in the end not so much interested in other opinions
than your own. Participating in a Master study with the specialization
‘artistic research’ means: to be open to share your curiosity and
predilection for uncertain outcomes with the other students around. In
this respect you were not able to share with us this basic attitude.
Also, it appeared that you have no clear reasons for entering into
this trajectory, aside from the fact that it is new en that it is
These elements added up to the decision of the committee not to accept
you to the Master Artistic Research in The Hague.
We understand that this news will be a disappointment to you, and we
thank you for the effort you put into applying for this course. We
wish you a fruitful future and hope that you will find a place
where you can further develop your ideas.
On behalf of the entrance committee,
Janneke Wesseling
associate professor
Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague
Lectoraat ‘Kunstenaarstheorieën en de artistieke praktijk’
Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten
Prinsessegracht 4
2514 AN Den Haag
+31(0)70 3154755

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