Now that’s enough!

I have arrived yesterday night from NIMk, Amsterdam completely revolted and devastated due to I couldn’t agree again that the same work can win two ”independent” battles.

I mean, despite such a few very strong and expressive works like a Elektro Lab and a few other, again the same work won which already won the TENT Academy Awards in Rotterdam on 16th of July 2009.

That’s more than accidentally chosen proposal.

Anyway, I don’t do any competitions.

I am aware of  my failures and of my escalations.

Branko Miliskovic


2 thoughts on “Now that’s enough!

  1. Dear Branko,

    “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home”

    If all of this is politic, than why should you give attention to it?
    If you are moved by the need to make art than this has nothing to do with your creative process and it shouldn’t be related in any way to your envy and your almost survival need to make art
    I was moved by your work, and your urge to share it with other individuals.
    That’s what art is all about right ….
    Then the rest is just sparks and dust and our role as artist is to ignore it,it shouldn’t not affect our main purpose, which is to survive with ourselves as individuals and artists and to make our art visible, in our terms, with no compromise and letting it grow inside every man’s self-experience.

    I Wish you all the best.

    It was a pleasure to meet you.


    • Dear Rachida,

      Now, I am a bit moved by your reply on my post published today morning. I completely agree with you and your way of approaching to the current , contemporary problems. But , I mean really, yesterday it was a bit nasty situation. I know what I have done exactly. I have also footage from the lecture. I saw for the first time what your performing installation is about. I may say that I was really suspicious at the beginning but your performance was a great alchemy. I said to friend of mine Jochem who was next to me, I really liked how they massage my brain. No really, it was wonderful , and even the most higher sounds were still relaxing, at least in my case. I think that is what art has to do. To disturb and to cure, not to entertain the audience.
      And, I know that giving the first prize for the second time within the 3 months to the same couple, is more than accidentally taken.
      I just don’t want to have anything with them, but I felt a great attack of injustice yesterday night, so I left immediately.

      Nice, you have visited my web page.
      Nice to meet and listen you yesterday night and
      Keep in touch
      Branko Miliskovic

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