INGRESSION- Eretz Yisrael, TLV

November 09′ resident artist @ The Glasshouse is Branko Miliskovic with his performance ‘Ingression’
Project description:
During his residency at The Glasshouse Miliskovic will work on a video performance, composed of interviews with 24 people over 24 hours. Each interview will be of an hour length, and they will be held continuously over 8 hours for 3 days, testing the mental borders of both himself and his interviewees.

November 20-23 – INGRESSION- 8 h per day  24 Israelis
November 28 – INGRESSION- Screening 19:30- Opening at The Glasshouse

About the artist:
Branko Miliskovic (b. 1982 Belgrade, lives and works in The Netherlands)
Performance and video artist, member of Marina Abramovic Institute for Performance Art, Hudson,NY, USA.
Miliskovic studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade and completed his BFA studies at Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague in 2009.
His works were exhibited in museums and galleries such as Museum Castello di Rivoli in Turin and Gallery Hfbk in Hamburg. His latest movie ‘Detention Paradise’ was nominated for the TENT Academy Awards in Rotterdam and presented in the 29th Film Festival in Utrecht.

The Glasshouse


2 thoughts on “INGRESSION- Eretz Yisrael, TLV

    • Dear Lirun,

      Don’t worry to much. You were the first one that day and I really appreciated. And you know, you have more than one line in total version which is 24 minutes. Here in the trailer I was obliged to cut 24 people including me on the most basic elements/highlights. You were talking wonderful things and stories about the architecture and lows and other things, but for this occasion in combination with other people it was impossible to involve everything. 24 hours of video materials. Quite a lot.
      If you have a time soon you can go to The Glasshouse they have my film which is 24 minutes and you can watch it by all you yourself.
      Sincere regards from Holland
      Stay in contact.
      Branko Miliskovic

      BTW I have visited Jafo, as your recommendation…that’s fascinating old port.
      I really enjoyed!

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