Artis Den Bosch December 16-22

Art Week, Artis Den Bosch residence week, Den Bosch, The Netherlands

ARTweek edition #1

16 – 22 December 2009

Open every day, all locations from 10 am – 10 pm

During ARTweek a group of artists will be explicitly manifesting themselves outwardly, towards society in the search for connections and alliances. The theme of this week is Activism and politics reflected in the modern-day artistic calling.

In this quest to find the true nature of artistic pursuit, we pose the question of the position of art and today’s artists here and now. What is the position of the artist in the debate between art and politics? Autonomous or heteronomous? Does art have to incorporate (social) reality and societal issues or does art have to stand above it all and at all costs retain its autonomy? What is activism in art and is radical artistic activism by association radical political activism?

During this production and research period Artis Den Bosch wants to consider the position of the artists in terms of politics and society and examine the newly chosen positions.

Participating artists :

Koert Jobse (NL)

Saron Paz (IL)

Branko Millskovic (Yo)

José Simoes (POR)

Claudia de la Torre (Mexico)

Amy Croft (UK)

Lisa Salmin (EST)

Elisabeth Ida (IND)

Takako Oishi (JP)

Ehan Fardjadniya,(Iran)

Leslie Huppert (GE)

Abel Heijkamp (NL), e.o.

More information will come soon.

ARTIS DEN BOSCH, Boschveldweg 471, 5211 VK ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands +31 (0)73 613 50 52


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