Lili Marlene wont be able to return home in Hamburg, soon.

I just got a necessity to publish this post as I frankly believe that my new work is indirectly dealing with the past of German society and their collective/individual guilt and I just figured out , as much as I try to bring my work entitled ”The Song of a Soldier on Watch” ( WW3 Lili Marlene) , I always face the concrete wall in front of me or receive some financial cuts or survive complete financial bankrupt. I am literary fed up of this shaggy game , trying desperately to convince some rich dignitaries to support me financially to bring the work that presumably reminds them on their individual/collective commitment in the past. Furthermore , it’s absolutely pity  looking at the quality and  intensity of the works that got awarded this night. I do understand that having some proper art work may result with some awards , but I don’t understand the society that tries to hide under the carpet something from the past , and clearly to discriminate everything which may interfere a good collective dream. Of course not thinking about the consequences on the future , as we all know the time is like a clay board , everything what has happened clearly remains engraved on the surface and goes to the history. But it could never be completely erased . Can be camouflaged , covered , moved , avoided, forgotten , but there is a human memory as a backup that is inevitably transferable so it’s just a matter of time. If I would have that time.


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