What a pity ! NYBA has been finally canceled .

Dear artist
we are reviewing the organization of New York Contemporary Art Biennial 2012-2013.
The idea is to group all sessions in spring 2013
We have some problem with the collectors
They told us is better don’t start in October and stop NYBA for
4 months and start again
For them is better
March-April-May and  June
We will give priority to video, photography, videoart and installations
Painters, sculptors, writers (graffiti) should realize or finish their works in NY.
Not using equipment and materials that require permission
ny laws are very restrictive and difficult to overcome
just one example: christo and jean claude had to wait 25 years for the authorization of the project The Gates
We will not ask any autorizazione to municipal authorities
We do not ask any sponsorship either public or private
We do not have the opportunity to host artists
The constantly rising rents and we can not host artists
the cost is too high
but we can find solutions to very low price in hostels
in NY are well organized
or we can rent houses or apartments for at least 4 artists per unit
for the selected artists who can not afford to cover the trip to ny
we want to organize their presence in streaming
they can organize the event where they live and transmit it live on our site
invite all artists to give us a definitive answer by July 10, 2012.
This is a proposal and you can help us sending  your opinion.
Have a nice week end

Sarah Bloomberg
New York Contemporary Art Biennial
NYBA 2012-2013


2 thoughts on “What a pity ! NYBA has been finally canceled .

  1. It is really a pity. Managing to exhibit in NY is so difficult for rules and costs that truly passionate art can not even pierce that bubble… only business art can.
    NYBA has probably been a one in a long time event, in 2009.

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