Delivery failed

Personal reaction on yesterday’s experience.

Despite how much I am enjoying certain performance piece ( excluding living installations ) if ending isn’t properly settled and defined , I feel like a dull spectator. I particularly feel very sorry for majority who had to buy the tickets. I mean if you are an artist and you don’t think about the audience’s presence but only about your work , you should perform for yourself and only yourself. I am literary fed up of those who don’t know how to finish their performance and of those who don’t want to give me anything in return for being there. Some of them gotta 6-8 months to work and develop their work , fully subsidized and facilitated , but sometimes it seems not to be enough , so at the end we may witness some partly finished intentions , non fulfilled desires , bitter expectations and after watching certain performance piece , the audience is literary looking forward to go home or take some proper drink in the bar. I mean , it’s not that everyone in the audience may digest everything taken from the performance , but if the entire public feel certain empathy, emptiness and being somehow crossed, it’s more then clear that artistic job has not been properly delivered.

I have been attending several artist talks and presentations and almost every time I felt like a chewed gum. I fervently believe that if I am going to watch, listen, attend, participate into some sort of public event, I want to leave with trembling thoughts, intriguing impulses, desires to meet an artist afterwards and talk to him/her much further, buy his/her catalog/ book , ask for upcoming shows, finally to get intrigued and encouraged to know more… If I am helplessly waiting for him/her to finish in order not to be rude and leave in the middle of a presentation , then again I frankly believe I should better be doing something else that day and not wasting my time. In majority of artistic presentations , an artist doesn’t know how to talk. He/she doesn’t know how to deliver the message , how to keep the attention even for 20 minutes. Most of them turn back to the audience, which is dreadful moment and should never ever happen. If you don’t know how to give a presentation about your work, you should better hire somebody else to talk on your behalf. It’s not something that can be learned. It’s utterly connected with your charisma. Not what to talk but how to deposit your information and your knowledge into my collection of interests. Everything is important. How you talk, which color of your voice, dilatation , amplitudes , pause between phrases and sentences are of crucial importance. How you watch, where you look at, for how long, choreography of body gestures, properly calculated time of a presentation, humor combined with serious facts etc etc. If you are performing and you take the granted energy from the public , and if you don’t send me back at least the same amount of borrowed energy then I am afraid , something has failed.

To finish this bitterly written report , I would like to say once again : Being an artist is nothing to do with looking as an artist, smelling as an artist, walking as an artist… your work is the best and probably the only way to worship outer forces. You as an artist are much less important. Therefore please behave according to that.

Branko Miliskovic


One thought on “Delivery failed

  1. Indeed. Being an artist means to be the one who made that piece of art. Art is the aim, and the artwork is the only protagonist.
    One person may become famous for being that one who made that artworks, but this is a secondary issue, artworks are made to last.

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