COUVRE-FEU , 25 April 2013 , 21h , TROUBLE #9 , Les Halles , Brussels

small couvre feu

In times of curfew, certain rules come into force. The audience plays the main role here. Methods of crowd control and mass influence will be in store, as well as the chance for some civil disobedience!

Couvre-feu (eng. Curfew), in the political sense of that word, is a military order specifying a time after which certain regulations apply. This piece would be a fusion of live performance and political theatre in which the artist will intend to engage the entire public to play the main role in this experimentally constructed social platform. The artist is ready to setup the methods for controlling and conditioning the masses, as well as to remain aware of possible civil disobedience at any time.


Branko Miliskovic (1982 ) Belgrade / Serbia / Ex-Yugoslavia
Studied at the Art Academy, Belgrade and graduated from Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, NL. Miliskovic is dedicated to the Performance, Cabaret, Theater, Film and Photography, mainly represented by Les Halles, BXL and Kampnagel, HH. Miliskovic sees his work as a system of designated and highly self controlled situations in progression through which he is passing , aiming to leave a permanent trace and bring his own standards .

Miliskovic is based in Hamburg, Germany and was performing in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Serbia, Poland, Israel, Russia, Holland, Finland, Norway, USA.


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