Duration : 1 hour
Curated by Antoine Pickels
Camera by Christopher Hewitt
Edited by Branko Miliskovic
performed on the 25th of April 2013
Grande Halle / Halles de Schaerbeek
Brussels / Belgium

Thanks to Franziska Schnoor ( KAMPNAGEL ) , Antoine Pickels , Axel Satge , Emmanuelle Nizou ( Les Halles )
Thanks to Bruno Gilbert , Julien Bier , Anais Devillers , Fernand van Bever and the rest of the technical team.
Special thanks to the entire audience without whom this performance would not be possible. 

In times of curfew, certain rules come into force. The audience plays the main role here. Methods of crowd control and mass influence will be in store, as well as the chance for some civil disobedience!

Couvre-feu (eng. Curfew), in the political sense of that word, is a military order specifying a time after which certain regulations apply. This piece would be a fusion of live performance and political theatre in which the artist will intend to engage the entire public to play the main role in this experimentally constructed social platform. The artist is ready to setup the methods for controlling and conditioning the masses, as well as to remain aware of possible civil disobedience at any time.



3 thoughts on “COUVRE-FEU

  1. My compliments. They smile as in a game, but they would not do so once it would suddenly happen, and that is not a so unlikely hypothesis, not in our past as in our near future, and present neither somewhere else.

    • Absolutely. But even the laughter here is just a defensive system , as in many moments , this work was pretty uncomfortable for the audience , 3 of them left the space very revolted and so forth…

      • Even that kiss was another way to face the “aggression”, but the “power of love against evil doers” logic/faith is how masses subdue to aggression playing the eternal role of sacrificial goats. In this case, being an action indeed, luckily nobody reacted as they should in reality.

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