Video by Swen-Erik Scheuerling

photo by Swen Scheuerling

photo by swen Scheuerling

photo by Swen Scheuerling

Photo by Swen-Erik Scheuerling


An endling is an individual animal that is the last of its species or subspecies. Once the endling dies, the species becomes extinct.

In this living installation I was lying on the rocky path , surrounded by English grass and two fountains , slithering backwards in an extreme Slow-Motion , eventually leaving trace behind me. For this particular piece , I was also inspired by a phenomenon called ‘’ Sailing Rocks ‘’ characteristic for the Death Valley , Eastern California , where rocks move and inscribe long tracks along a smooth valley floor without human or animal intervention.

ENDLING basically would be a living installation related to the concept of Extinctive Species. Cynically enough , I shall consider myself as the last individual ´´animal´´of my species which is about to extinct.


In ENDLING wird der Performer Branko Miliskovic zum Stein. Er begibt sich auf die Spur des Mysteriums um die wandernden Steine in der Wüste und wird selbst zum Wanderer.


living installation , duration : 1h 45min
Lange Nacht der Befreiung- Live Art Festival
Kampnagel – Internationales Zentrum für schönere
Künste ,Hamburg
Curated by Nadine Jessen and Melanie Zimmermann
Special thanks for Franziska Schnoor
June 15 , 2013

Gefördert von der Hamburgischen Kulturstiftung




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