COUVRE-FEU / Curfew / Ausgangssperre in Hamburg and Marseille


photo by Hichem Dahes

COUVRE-FEU performance by Branko Miliskovic in Hamburg and Marseille

Transcript from in English :

Belgrade born artist Branko Miliskovic will re-perform his performance entitled COUVRE-FEU ( eng. Curfew ) two times in September on the festivals in Hamburg and Marseille after the premiere of this particular piece performed on TROUBLE #9 , international performance festival at Les Halles , Brussels , April 2013.

Couvre-feu (eng. Curfew), in the political sense of that word, is a military order specifying a time after which certain regulations apply. This piece would be a fusion of live performance and political theatre in which the artist will intend to engage the entire public to play the main role in this experimentally constructed social platform. The artist is ready to setup the methods for controlling and conditioning the masses,  as well as to remain aware of possible civil disobedience at any time.

As Branko Miliskovic said for Seecult, a conception for COUVRE-FEU is strongly related to his specific artistic practice in which he investigates mutual relation between various types of bodies , for instance ´´Political Body´´, ´´Military Body´´, ´´Social Body´´and (Im)possibilities of their cooperation.

COUVRE-FEU , performance/political theatre will be performed on the 7th of September 2013 during the Hamburger Theaternacht ( Hamburger Night of Theatre ) at Kampnagel , Hamburg and on the 21st of September 2013 during the performance festival Preavis de Desordre Urbain at Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille, France.

´´COUVRE-FEU is an incredible turbulent performance due to it´s high dependence on several  very tricky factors such as number of the audience , weather , time of the day/month/year , current socio-political situation , individual decisions etc. Manipulating with the audience is a huge challenge since you have to  predict several possibilities of how the public would react in certain situation or while being forced to execute certain order. It´s almost impossible to guarantee how the entire performance will go on as well as there is something called ´´collective itself ´´that easily can turn against you , said Miliskovic. ´´

Branko Miliskovic was firstly engaged by Kampnagel in June 2012 as part of Live Art Festival´s Long Night of Performance , curated by Nadine Jessen and Melanie Zimmermann with his performance ´´The Song of a Soldier on Watch´´( WW3 Lili Marlene ). Three months later he was invited to re-perform his earlier performance ´´Tempos for Metronome, Ball and Participants ´´( 2008 ) during the Hamburger Theaternacht #9 . In June 2013 Miliskovic delivered his new living installation entitled ENDLING , commissioned for LIVE ART FESTIVAL ( Lange Nacht der Befreiung – Free Species , ZOO 3000 ) which lasted for two hours in an extreme slowmotion.

In the last seven years Branko Miliskovic was performing on several international festivals and artist in residence programs in Italy , Serbia , France , Belgium , The Netherlands , Germany, Austria , Poland , Israel , USA . His works are mainly enduring living installations and live performances mostly executed in Theaters or site specific venues , as well as for film and photography. He studied at the Art Academy, Belgrade and graduated from Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague / NL (2009 ) and made his MA at Hochschule für Bildende Künste , Hamburg / DE (2012 ).

Currently he is working on a new production entitled Herr MILISKOVIC which premiere at KAMPNAGEL  is planned for midd January 2014.

Belgrade , 16 August 2013


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