CABARET of an INTRUDER @ Metropolis Gallery, Paris


Photo detail by Anja Winterhalter 

26 June 2014 , 18-21h , GALERIE METROPOLIS – 16 RUE DE MONTMORENCY 75003 PARIS

According to my interpretation, an Intruder is an individual system, going from place to place, strategically chosen, intending to position itself and through it´s own possibilities, connections and facilities trying to find out what exactly is going on within certain group, what is the visible part of the iceberg as well as what is under the water, and to find out how to colonize the territory. The main difference between an Intruder and Spy is that an Intruder is not an agent engaged in order to collect and report useful informations. Intruder is usually intending to adapt, assimilate as well as to become a member of certain group but somehow, sooner or later, an intruder is unable to make it all the way through, becoming very suspicious as an element which doesn’t belong to the group, clearly interfering. An Intruder is very transparent and unable to pretend  if something goes against his wills or plans. 


Supported by ECF ( European Cultural Foundation )



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