Branko Milisković & Helen Schröder in ”HAVE YOU COMMITTED GENOCIDE !?” @G12 HUB, Belgrade

Camera by Senja Vild

Video edited by Branko Milisković

In this scene, Helen Schröder and Branko Miliskovic, representing two distinctive bodies of fictional persona HERR MILISKOVIC, are approaching each other with a bottle of champaign and two glasses, opening a bottle, purring champaign into champaign glasses and very gently asking each other a question Have You committed Genocide !? They are repeating the same question over and over again, getting faster and faster, producing a very bizarre ‘’singing dialogue’’, which by an intensive repetition and serialism at certain point, can become a surreal mantra. This repetitive dialogue is getting louder as time progresses, eventually reaching a culmination half an hour later. For Branko Miliskovic, this performance is one of the most significant performances in his carrier, since the simplicity of an image and yet hardcore work are getting together, questioning this incredibly notorious question for both nations, German and Serbs, problematizing the absurdity of an individual as well a collective responsibility and guilt.

Performance by Branko Milisković
with Helen Schröder and Branko Milisković
Original scene from theatre production HERR MILISKOVIC ( Life of an Intruder )
coproduced by Kampnagel, Hamburg
Saturday 29th November 2014 , at 20:00
Duration / 30 minutes
G12 HUB, Belgrade, Serbia
Original costumes by Jules Hepp
Original stage design and props by Swen Erik Scheuerling
Adapted for G12 HUB by Branko Milisković


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