Camera by Tina Marić


In the piece “The Song of Soldier on Watch (WW3 Lili Marlene)” he seems to incarnate both, the figure of the mythical heroine from the song as well as the figure of the soldier who wrote it. In 1915 Hans Leip, a German poet and playwright called to join the army and fight on Eastern front during World War I, wrote lyrics for the song than entitled “The Girl Under the Lantern” which later on, especially during the World War II, became extremely popular by the name Lili Marlene. During the Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia in 1941, Radio Belgrade became Soldatensender Belgrad and broadcasted programs to entertain the German armed forces. This song was played frequently and was also very popular on both sides of the front line. “Lili Marlene’’ was presumably one of the first songs of which one thought it could lead to an individual and collective resistance of the soldiers on the front.

Part of a text written by Dobrila Denegri for an exhibition Theatre of Life, CSW/CoCA, Torun, Poland 2012. p. 89

Concept & performance by Branko Milisković
Performed on the 02nd of December 2014 , 19:00 – 21:00 / Duration: 2 hours
Song: “Lili Marlene”(Lili Marleen), written by Hans Leip (1915), set to the music by Norbert Schultze (1938), firstly recorded by Lale Andersen (1938)
Instrumental composed by Anton Karas.
Thanks to Radio Belgrade and Dejan Ivanović for rare audio materials.
Thanks to G12 HUB, Milica Pekić, Jelena Piljić, Ivan Bulbuk, thanks to Branislav Pećaranin
Special thanks to Anđela Grabež, Jelena Bokić, Helen Schröder and to my parents for various organizational as well as financial supports.

Past performances:
October 2011 at Bains Connective, Brussels, Belgium
November 2011 at Les Petit Bain, Paris, France
May 2012 at CSW/CoCA, Center for Contemporary Arts, Torun, Poland
June 2012 at Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany
July 2013 at Zeitraumexit, Mannheim, Germany
June 2014 at Gallery Metropolis, Paris, France

Upcoming performance:
8th February 2015, FRAC #6, Comedie de Reims-Centre dramatique national, Reims, France


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