The Song of a Soldier on Watch ( WW3 Lili Marlene ) photo by Tina Marić 3 copyPhoto by Tina Marić


Reims Scenes d’Europe @ La Comédie de Reims 

Sunday, 8 February 2015 @ 16:00 / Duration: 62 min 


Branko Milisković a toujours été intéressé par le contact direct avec le public, jouant de sa présence charismatique pour tenter de « fusionner » avec lui. Afin d’entrer ainsi en relation avec son auditoire, que ce soit directement ou de manière plus subtile, il utilise son corps et son identité comme médium principal. Branko Milisković proposera à Reims une performance inédite, inspirée du célèbre opéra Erwartung d’Arnold Schönberg. Intitulée One Man Opera, il s’agit d’une variation sur la souffrance de milliers de familles pendant et après la première guerre mondiale, dans l’attente du retour de leurs proches partis au front.

In Reims, Branko Milisković proposes a novel performance, inspired by Arnold Schönberg’s famous opera Erwartung. Involved here is a variation on the suffering of thousands of families during and after the First World War, awaiting the return of their loved ones from the front. The origins of this performance lie, moreover, in a work created earlier by the artist, titled The Song of a Soldier on Watch, and inspired by one of the most popular German songs of recent decades, as well as one of the most controversial, Lili Marlene, regarded as one of the first songs encouraging fraternization between enemy soldiers.


Branko Milisković has always been interested in direct contact with the public, playing with his charismatic presence to try and blend with the audience and take it under his wing. In order to thus relate with people, be it directly or more subtly, he uses his body and his identity as his main medium. Playing characters who echo his own origins, he sees his work as “a progressing linear system of situations pinpointed and controlled, through which he evolves, trying to leave a trace by summoning his own norms.” In his recent works, he is concerned with “social and individual choreography”, and their relations within a specific political context. Lastly, his main intention is to make his body an independent territory, with its own rules and its own gravitation.


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