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While on an artist in residence program in Geneva, Branko Milisković’s main goal was to try to enter the United Nations quarter while following his basic concept, that of being an intruder (a foreign body). Milisković made several attempts to obtain legal permission to get access to the UN’s Ariana Park as well as to the main building complex in order to have a photographic session. However, after negotiating for more than two months with several UN bureaucrats responsible for accreditation, Milisković’s inquiries were turned down due to his inability to provide the required documents. In order to react to and strongly criticize the UN’s policy of separating themselves with armed security guards and a steel fence from the civilians, working as a secret society and simultaneously retaining the position of global peacekeepers, Branko Milisković decided to inagurate a new fictive Secretary-General of the United Nations, working and existing in its own dimension with an unlimited mandate. In his 2 hour-performance APPOINTED, Branko Milisković delivers the eight inaugural speeches written for the eight UN Secretary Generals since 1949.

Performance on 20 November 2016,  17:00 – 19:30 @Large hall of Belgrade Youth Centre

supported by:
Foundation MALI PRINC, Geneva-Serbia
Embassy of Foreign Artists, Geneva
ADC association pour la danse contemporaine, Geneva

Curatorial team in Belgrade: Milica Pekić (KIOSK), Olga Majcen Linn (Kontejner)

Programme supported by regional platform for culture KOOPERATIVA

Kiosk, Kontejner, Kontrapunkt, Dom omladine Beograda, Kooperativa, Galerija12HUB




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