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The Song of a Soldier on Watch (The Song from the Grave)


27 – 31 August 2018


I have always been interested in direct contact with the public, intending to establish a special charismatic presence, to try and blend with the audience and finally take it under my wing. Communicating with the public, both in a direct and tinged with mystification manner, I use my body and identity as the main media, creating subsequent characters with strong visual imagery, facing with my national as well as my emotional background.

Relationship to time / duration and the effect it has on your work…

​I fervently believe that performing body can become electrified after certain period of time being in a particular state of mind, affecting and disturbing the molecules of its surrounding.

However, I don’t believe that duration, by default, can produce a powerful performance but rather more the possibility of a performer to compress the floating time in singular presence.

Festival Piece Title 

(The Song from the Grave)
One Man Opera

​I will show a novel performance, inspired by Arnold Schönberg’s famous opera Erwartung and concept of perpetual anticipations as well as notorious German love song Lili Marlene. Involved here is a variation on the suffering of thousands of families during and after the World Wars, awaiting the return of their loved ones from the front.


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