COUVRE-FEU, Preavis de Desordre Urbain, Marseille, France
Friche la Belle de Mai @Studio
21 September 2013

COUVRE-FEU , edited 4COUVRE-FEU EDITED 6detailCOUVRE-FEU edited 1COUVRE-FEU edited 2

Photos by Aurélie Guinot Alcaraz


Born in 1982 in Belgrade, former Yugoslavia, Branko Miliskovic is now living in Hamburg. He has been participating in many festivals in Europe. He works in the fields of live art, cabaret, video installation and film, using his body and identity as the main media for communicating with his audience. This conception is related to his past and ongoing artistic practice in which he’s researching the relations between his body and other sorts of bodies (social body, military body, political body…) In the performance Curfew he would like to find out the possibilities of setting up one of the most particular administrative methods of public control : Curfew, taking also into account something called «Civil Disobedience» as a possible reaction.

Performance by Branko Miliskovic
Performed on the 21st of September 2013
Duration: 60 min
Preavis de Desordre Urbain @ Friche la Belle de Mai
Curated by Christine Bouvier
Photographs by Aurélie Guinot Alcaraz
Video by Jean-marc Rabier
Thanks to the technical and organizational team of RedPlexus and La Friche
Marseille / France *2013 
In Curfew, for example, a performance that he has done several times in different venues, the artist takes on an authoritarian role, commanding the participants to carry out various tasks. During this “curfew,” it is his rules and regulations that would apply to the audience, however the artist remained aware of the possibility of civil disobedience within this framework. In fact, in one of the performances, one of the participants left, then came back later and kissed him! It was perhaps the greatest form of civil disobedience – the violation of one’s personal and private space – but Branko, the true performer, didn’t flinch, and remained in character.
From the text written by Amy Bryzgel , Performing the East 

frontal plan copyIMG_2872 copyThe Great DivisionstillprofilePhotos by Swen-Erik Scheuerling

Der Performance-Allrounder Branko Miliskovic erzeugt mit Ausgangssperre in gewohnter Strenge ein Setting, zu dem der Zuschauer sich verhalten muss. Was als gemeinschaftlicher Akt beginnt, entpuppt sich schnell als Grenzerfahrung für jeden Einzelnen: Stehen Sie rechts oder links von der Linie?

Hamburger Theaternacht #10
Kampnagel, Hamburg
7 September 2013
Duration : 2 x 30 min
Video and photo by Swen – Erik Scheuerling
Special thanks to: Franziska Schnoor, Ricarda Köneke, Mathias Holländer, Beata Berger and Uwe Sinkemat.

Duration: 1 hour
Curated by Antoine Pickels
Camera by Christopher Hewitt
Photographs by Hichem Dahes 
Edited by Branko Miliskovic
performed on the 25th of April 2013
Grande Halle / Halles de Schaerbeek
Brussels, Belgium
Thanks to KAMPNAGEL (HH),  Les Halles (BXL)
Special thanks to the entire audience without whom this performance would not be possible.

In times of curfew, certain rules come into force. The audience plays the main role here. Methods of crowd control and mass influence will be in store, as well as the chance for some civil disobedience!

Couvre-feu (eng. Curfew), in the political sense of that word, is a military order specifying a time after which certain regulations apply. This piece would be a fusion of live performance and political theatre in which the artist will intend to engage the entire public to play the main role in this experimentally constructed social platform. The artist is ready to setup the methods for controlling and conditioning the masses, as well as to remain aware of possible civil disobedience at any time.

Photo by Hichem Dahesphoto by Hichem H.
Photo by Hichem Dahes photo by Hichem Dahes
Couvre-feu 8
Photo by Hichem Dahes
Photo by Hichem Dahes

Photographs by Hichem Dahes 
Photos in PDF , free download ( 3,4 MB )
 still 1still 2
still 3
still 8
still 6
still 11
still 4
still 5
Video stills

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