Images of Cupidity

2008 ©Branko Miliskovic

Images of Cupidity

Concept of performance-living installation ‘’IMAGES OF CUPIDITY’’ came from my personal
interests in combining old and new in the one image.
The performance took place in  Museum of Contemporary Arts in Rivoli ,Turin where I was invited with several emerging artists to perform my new piece. When I have arrived there, I became so impressed by the museum’s own monumentality and I felt such a strange energy and influence.
I  installed one white cube ,as a pedestal between two columns and decided to perform on the cube.
The size of the cube was so limited that I couldn’t put anything else on top except me and one gymnastic red ball. Also, the concept was to perform  on just the cube.
I wore black shoes, fluorescent green tight elastic pants, black shorts, black body t-shirt and I had just one external element-red gymnastic ball. I made the decision to organize the installation in three parts, shall I say three images of pleasure, joy and libido  which I was repeating several times during the four hours of the performance.
In first image I was jumping on the ball; In second image I was standing up, holding the ball very close to my head, watching to the sky  and stimulating genitals by hand trying to get erection. In third image I lay on the cube, moving ball  from genitals to the head and back.
Forty minutes before the end  I have decided to blow out the ball.
I’v finished performance after four hours at 9 PM.

Branko Miliskovic-performance-living installation
Performed in  ‘’Castello di Rivoli’’- Museo di Arte di Contemporanea’’ Turin-Italy
Performed on 12th of September 2008
Duration: 4 hours        5pm-9pm
Photographs by Nemanja Ladjic ,Paolo Pellion
Video by Sasa Tkacenko
Curated by Biljana Tomic and Dobrila Denegri
Visitors:  300


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