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September 19, 2014


G12 HUB, 18 November – 2 December 2014, Solo Exhibition, Belgrade,Serbia


8 Feb – 2015 / FRAC Champagne-Ardenne/, Reims Scènes d’Europe, La Comédie de Reims, France


Emisiju uredjuje i vodi Tamara Vucenovic


June 27, 2014

Photo by Gabriel Otero 4


photo by Gabriel Otero 1

Photo by Gabriel Otero 
Gallery Metropolis, Paris, France (2014) 



Press Release

June 24, 2014


058, 059 060, 061


Thanks to chief editor Hao Ke(郝科) ,Zhang Zongxi (张宗希), Fei Ting (费婷) for writing and translating and Chengrui Liu.
Photos by Hichem Dahes


Photo detail by Anja Winterhalter 

26 June 2014 , 18-21h , GALERIE METROPOLIS – 16 RUE DE MONTMORENCY 75003 PARIS

According to my interpretation, an Intruder is an individual system, going from place to place, strategically chosen, intending to position itself and through it´s own possibilities, connections and facilities trying to find out what exactly is going on within certain group, what is the visible part of the iceberg as well as what is under the water, and to find out how to colonize the territory. The main difference between an Intruder and Spy is that an Intruder is not an agent engaged in order to collect and report useful informations. Intruder is usually intending to adapt, assimilate as well as to become a member of certain group but somehow, sooner or later, an intruder is unable to make it all the way through, becoming very suspicious as an element which doesn’t belong to the group, clearly interfering. An Intruder is very transparent and unable to pretend  if something goes against his wills or plans. 


Supported by ECF ( European Cultural Foundation )


Artist talk: Marie-Caroline Hominal, Elana Katz, Marina Markovic, Branko MIliskovic, moderator: Milica Pekić @G12 Hub , 8 June 2014



Upcoming !


26 June 2014 @Galerie Metropolis, Paris
CELEBRITY CAFE #1, curated and written by Jacques Donguy 
Stay tuned
Photo by Peter Empl 



self portrait with baby 2014

Self Portrait with Baby #2
Photo work , HD video still
Belgrade / Serbia
May 2014

Camera by Robert Falckenberg / edited by Branko Miliskovic

Branko Miliskovic is searching for theatre co-productions worldwide interested in touring HERR MILISKOVIC ( Life of Intruder ) . Thank You ! 

photo by Anja Winterhalter

Photo by Anja Winterhalter

© Anja Winterhalter

Kampnagel Premiere ´´HERR MILISKOVIC´´ Der serbische Künstler Branko Miliskovic hat Hamburg zu seiner Lieblings und Heimatstadt erklärt . Regelmäßig tritt er hier auf Kampnagel auf und zeigt seine meist ebenso verstörenden wie anmutigen Performances . Am Donnerstag feiert sein neues Stück ´´Herr MILISKOVIC ( Leben eines Eindringlings ) Uraufführung.

Hamburger Morgenpost 12 Jan 2014

Für die Uraufführung HERR MILISKOVIC – LEBEN EINES EINDRINGLINGS hat der ursprünglich bildende Künstler Branko Miliskovic eine messerscharfe Bildsprache gefunden. Diese absurde, schwarz-weiße Kunstwelt entpuppt sich erst nach und nach als Tanzparkett mit doppeltem Boden.



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