Branko Miliskovic is searching for co-productions worldwide interested in touring this piece. Thank You .

Video by Robert Falckenberg / edited by Branko Miliskovic

Photo by Anja Winterhalter

Photo by Anja Winterhalter

herr miliskovic tanz

Photo by Anja Winterhalter

screen shoot sing sing

Video still by Robert Falckenberg

Photo by Anja Winterhalter

herr miliskovic , hellen mirror


champaign scene 1

Photos by Anja Winterhalter

HERR MILISKOVIC (Life of an Intruder)

Belgrade born visual and performance artist of a younger generation had a premiere on the 16 January 2014 of his new production entitled HERR MILISKOVIC (Life of an Intruder) at Kampnagel theatre in Hamburg. This piece symbolizes two entities of his own body, asking personal as well as widely notorious social questions. While observing political connotations of The Body, Milisković is intending that, by dividing his own-self into two entities, achieve some other forms of hybridity, establishing a bizarre fusion between man and women, animal and machine. In this production, Miliskovic collaborates with German performer and theatre director Helen Schröder who will be the other side of Miliskovic, while Branko Miliskovic himself represents his own irrational, androgenic, queer, promiscuous and socially intolerable body. HERR MILISKOVIC is ageless, genderless with an unspecified socio-political declaration, leaving somewhere in-between, somewhere on the way, but basically levitating. Performance “Herr Miliskovic” contains elements of contemporary choreography, dance, hardcore performance, cabaret, and opera. The main premise is particular relation, co-operation as well as conflicts between two different entities of Branko Miliskovic, constant socio-political argues and finally the question “Who has committed Genocide?” Visually and structurally “Herr Miliskovic” is not a historical documentary theatre piece nor pamphlet theatre but rather more surreal nightmare of dreamlike collages using a special language of symbols, associations often without any logical order. Situations in this piece are intertwining each other, often dislocated occasionally reappearing, mainly following a philosophy of David Lynch by whom many everyday situations are often senseless and irrational and therefore very justified. Vocal parts in HERR MILISKOVIC are very protruding. Singing or speaking out certain phrases goes repetitively, very often in full voice up to ten minutes in length without break, causing a hypnotic effect of mantra. As Kampnagel has stated in its program Jan-Feb 2014, in his gracefully controversial performances, Miliskovic captures the audience with a combination of his ‘’specific charm’’ and ‘’disarming presence’’.  (Mannheimer Morgen, July 2013) ..

Concept and Performance: Branko Miliskovic
Performers: Helen Schröder, Branko Miliskovic
Stage: Swen – Erik Scheuerling
Light : Branko Miliskovic, Swen Erik-Scheuerling
Costume: Jules Hepp
Sound: Roman Keller
Vocal coach: Uschi Krosch
Kampnagel, K1 Premiere: 16 January 2014, 20h
Further performances: 17,18 January 2014, 20h,
Duration: 70 min
Supported by: Kulturbehörde Hamburg i Hamburgische Kulturstiftung
Coproduction: Kampnagel


Photo by Anja Winterhalter

Photo by Anja Winterhalter

Design by Joachim Sperl


Leben eines Eindringlings (UA)

Branko Miliskovic, Hamburg

In einer choreografierten Recherchereise dekonstruiert Herr MILISKOVIC – Leben eines Eindringlings die Grenzen des menschlichen Körpers und erschafft dabei ein neues, unbekanntes Wesen. Diese zwitterartig und alterslos anmutende Doppel-Figur ist mehr Hybrid als singulärer Körper. Zwischen Mensch, Tier, Maschine angesiedelt verweigert HERR MILISKOVIC jegliche Form der Zuschreibung und proklamiert damit das politische Gehalt des Körpers. Binäre und vermeintlich eindeutige Zuordnungen à la Mann-Frau, jung-alt oder Mensch-Tier werden somit bewusst ad absurdum geführt. Branko Miliskovic – ursprünglich aus der Bildenden Kunst kommend – hat sich inzwischen zur Performance emanzipiert und auf Kampnagel eine künstlerische Heimat gefunden: In seinen verstörend-anmutigen Arbeiten zieht er die Zuschauer mit einer Mischung aus »entwaffnender Präsenz« <z>Mannheimer Morgen</z>  und Charme in seinen Bann.


Do 16.01. bis Sa 18.01. 2014 / 20:00, ca. 60 Minuten
K1, 12 Euro (erm. 8 Euro)  
EIN PROJEKT VON  Branko Miliskovic
PERFORMANCE MIT  : Branko Miliskovic, Helen Schröder
BÜHNE : Swen-Erik Scheuerling
KOSTÜME : Jules Hepp 
Gefördert von: Kulturbehörde Hamburg , Hamburgische Kulturstiftung 


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