The Absolute

Filmed by Richard Browne / Edited by Branko Miliskovic

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Photographs by Blazej Marczak
Linklater Rooms at The University of Aberdeen, 30 October 2015, Scotland, UK, Conference “Performance Art East, Northeast, West”       organised by Amy Bryzgel



Video by Nathalie Vanderlinden
Re-edited and converted by Branko Miliskovic


DAY FIRST – The Speech

The area is bounded by black walls, illuminated by dramatic lighting, a wooden platform is situated in the center. The image may be reminiscent of Lenin addressing to the crowds. The speech is intense, hypnotic, convincing … The voice resonates with the same strength as major public speeches. The public is a fictitious nation.


Selected aPhoto by Nemanja Ladjic

Branko Les Halles Elisabeth IdaPhoto by Elisabeth Ida

Selected 1Selected 2The Absolute-The Speech, p. Nemanja LadjicSelected 5selected 3Nicolaos- photo full resolutionSelected 4Photos by Nicolaos Zafiriou

DAY SECOND-  The Day of Defiance

The performer, surrounded by four red flags, is ready for a battle that will never happen. It starts with a pledge to the flag, following by intensive salutations, hopes, and debacles. The final hour, at last, is the beginning of the battle …


Selected b, N.LadjicPhoto by Nemanja Ladjic

IMG_2260IMG_2133IMG_2309-cropedIMG_2327-editedIMG_2303IMG_2390IMG_2733Photos by Nicolaos Zafiriou

Branko Miliskovic was performing his new long-duration live performance on the 29th and the 30th of April 2011, in the Les Halles de Schaerbeek theatre in Brussels, Belgium. It was a premiere of his new work, entitled  ASSOLUTO/ THE ABSOLUTE specially commissioned for TROUBLE #7 festival of live art. This performance was performed in two large images. The first image entitled ‘’The Speech’’ was showing the body of Miliskovic as a ruler who is announcing the greatest offensive of the battle which will never happen. In the second image entitled ‘’The Day of Defiance’’, Miliskovic took the defensive body, surrounded by four big red flags, pledging, waving, saluting and waiting for the song of Sacred War, facing his debacles and eventual triumph.


Performance by Branko Miliskovic
Duration: 2 days per 4 hours
Premiere: (Friday) April 29, (Saturday) April 30, 2011
Beginning: 18h  Ending: 22h
Les Halles de Schaerbeek
Brussels, Belgium
Curated by Fabienne Verstraeten

Assoluto/ The Absolute, (French)

7 thoughts on “The Absolute

    • Da, to je jedina koja je uspela. Mislim da su i Nemanja i Nicolaos imali veliki izazov. Pravljenje fotografija u mraku sa jakim osvetljenjem a pogotov kad je zastava u pokretu…
      Svaka im cast!

    • Dearest Annu
      I am off from all possible medias for a while. Keep in contact. You have my E-mail in CV&CONTACT
      My next performance ”The Song of a Young Soldier on Watch” inspired by Llli Marlene, has been confirmed for Brussels and Paris. Who knows, maybe come to Helsinki as well.

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