Tempos for Metronome


‘’Tempos for Metronome, Ball & Participants’’
Performed on September the 8th, 2012 @ Kampnagel – K1 Internationales Zentrum für schönere Künste, Hamburg, Germany
Duration of the performance: 1h 30 min
This video contains selected highlights from all 3 cycles.
Big thanks to all participants and Kampnagel crew.
Special thanks to Anja Winterhalter

***Video stills

I saw the last show and I really enjoyed it (and I think, the audience did as well, they were really concentrated which is totally untypical for Theaternacht, I was sceptical before, I have to admit, because your show requires so much concentration)
You really caught them!
Anna Teuwen – dramaturg

This is an interactive living installation dealing with human senses and concentration, intending to examine the ability of each single participant to engage into a non-verbal dialogue, bouncing the ball and following the pulses of a metronome. In this game you are entering an airplane and flying in unknown direction.

Gallery ODA
Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland
May 2012
Photo by Martyna Piasecka
Antoine Pickels about Branko Miliskovic
” I liked the simple structure that was unveiling so much. I saw in your photos that you had other reactions – people were triggered by your dominance and they were opposing it, somehow competing – it didn’t really happen in Poland. It is interesting how much choice each participant is actually given. They are trapped in a moment of being chosen by you to participate. We all are trapped from the moment of entering the room. Dominance. I wonder what was the most surprising to you in the participant’s reactions during all incarnations of this project?”
Justyna Scheuring – artist
The performance by Branko Miliskovic from Serbia has been the only exception. The artist had full control over the audience, imposing on them his rules of “the game”. He pointed out individual persons from the audience who were to rebound obediently the ball following the metronome rhythm.
Paulina Kempisty – art historian
A very formal and clean performance was presented by Branko Miliskovic (Serbia / Belgium / Germany) who almost forced members of audience to participate in his action that comprised of bouncing a ball in a rhythm dictated by a metronome. His posture and gestures did not leave any place for disobedience. He achieved an ideal symmetry when the last member of audience who had been made to take part in a performance left the stage through the left door leading to the backstage, while the artist left it through the ideally symmetrically placed right hand door. The situation was spontaneous and it caused an enthusiastic reaction from the public. It was interesting, how the audience was hypnotised by the “Marina Abramović look” so that even other performance artists did not attempt to rebel against him.
Malgorzata Kazmierczak, 2012-07-07


Tempos for Metronome 1 smallTempos for Metronome 3 smallTempos for Metronome 2 smallTempos for Metronome 5 small

Photos by Annika Goretzki
‘’Tempos for Metronome, Ball & Participants’’
Interactive living installation by Branko Miliskovic
Duration: 45 minutes
December 5, 2011
Galerie der Hochschule für Bildende Künsten, Hamburg, Germany
Participants: 6
Visitors : app: 40
Galerie der HFBK

3 thoughts on “Tempos for Metronome

    • Ja, Vielen Dank.
      Eas war mir ein Vergnuegen .
      Und , natuerlisch, es war sehr Schoen mit dir gestern zu sprechen.
      Keep in contact and let’s make it much stronger and inspiring.
      Liebe Grusse
      Branko Miliskovic

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