Branko Milisković wishes You all the best in 2019! Stay tuned for the upcoming events…

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Photo by Danilo Mataruga


April 27, 2019, live performance CABARET D’INTRUS, at Centre Culturel de Serbie, Paris, France

October 15 – November 1, 2019, ATTENTION ! HERE I AM, solo exhibition, Cultural Centre of Youth, Belgrade, Serbia


29. decembar 2018, GRAD, radio emisija, Radio Beograd 2

Mitski i još uvek pomalo kontroverzni šlager Lili Marlen postao je čuven u proleće 1941. Slušali su ga nemački, ali i saveznički vojnici, a emitovan je svako veče u 21.57 iz nemačkog vojničkog Radio Beograda.

Prvu verziju pesme otpevala je Lale Andersen – posle nje još dvestotinak izvođača, snimljemo je i nekoliko filmova, a umetnik Branko Milisković je od Lili Marlen načinio performans koji je postao njegov zaštitni znak.

U GraduBranko Milisković govori o svojoj umetnosti performansa, a biće emitovan i radijski fičer Lili Marlen

Autori emisije i fičera su Snežana Ristić i Radonja Leposavić.

APPOINTED @ 57th October Salon

Branko Milisković


Live performance, duration 3 hours

Curated by Gunnar Kvaran and Danielle Kvaran

Video by Ivan Zupanc

Hairdressing by Danilo Mataruga

Makeup by Brana Kostić

Costume by Olivera Lekić

Lectern by Boban Stojmenović

Logo by Branko Milisković

Assistant Nikolina Janković (G12HUB)

Production: Belgrade Cultural Centre / 57th October Salon

16th September 2018 at Belgrade City Museum

‘APPOINTED’ @57th October Salon. Belgrade, Serbia

APPOINTED finished version

Branko Milisković (author)
APPOINTED inaugural photo portrait
Hairstyle, photography and postproduction: Danilo Mataruga
Makeup: Brana Kostić
Costume: Olivera Lekić

Produuction: 57th October Salon / Belgrade Cultural Centre
Coproduction: G12HUB

Digital print on photo paper 100x80cm
Edition 10 / signed

Year 2018.


APPOINTED total plan by Boris Buric edited
Photo by Boris Burić
APPOINTED portrait by Boris Buric
Photo by Boris Burić

Born in 1982 in Belgrade, Serbia
Lives in Belgrade

Live performance, duration 3 hours
Curated by Gunnar Kvaran and Danielle Kvaran
Photo by Boris Burić
Hairstyle by Danilo Mataruga
Makeup by Brana Kostić
Costume by Olivera Lekić
Lectern by Boban Stojmenović
Logo by Branko Milisković
Assistant Nikolina Janković
Production: Belgrade Cultural Centre / 57th October Salon
16th September 2018 at Belgrade City Museum

“In order to make a firm critical reaction against the UN’s policy of separating themselves with armed security guards and steel fences from civilians, whilst working as a secret society and in parallel retaining the position of global peacekeepers, I have decided to make myself a new fictive Secretary-General of the United Nations; working and existing in its own dimension having an unlimited mandate. In a 3 hour long public performance, I will deliver eight inaugural statements of previous UN General Secretaries, since 1946 until now.

In the frame of the 57th October Salon, I will make a premiere of my newly constructed Secretary General’s body which, for the very first time in history, will be a woman.“

Branko Milisković studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade under Prof. Mrđan Bajić. He continued his basic studies as a Dutch Government scholar at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and graduated from the Department of 3D Art in 2009. He received his Master’s degree at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Hamburg under Professor Jeanne Faust at the Extended Media Department in 2012. Branko Milisković is dedicated to live performance, mono-opera, cabaret, photography and film. He has realized his performances at prestigious international and local festivals, exhibitions and art residences, including Reims Scenes d’Europe 2015, Reims, France; CSW / CoCA, Torun-Poland and G12HUB, Belgrade, Serbia. His solo productions have been presented at Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany; Halles de Schaerbeek Cultural Centre, Brussels, Belgium; Utrecht Film Festival and TENT Rotterdam; Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands, CIRCA – Art Actuel, Montreal, Canada; Live Art Development Agency, London, United Kingdom. His work is included in the book Performance Art in Eastern Europe since 1960 by Dr. Amy Bryzgel.