The exhibition STAYING HERE WITH YOU – moving organized during autumn in the building of Cinema Balkan (1867-75) examines the meaning of the concept of relocation, movement and staying. During the autumn time we – Serbs, the Swiss, Europeans, human beings – would like to present in this beautiful historic edifice not only our work – photos, video, film, drawings, installations, sound, music, light, sculptures and objects, but also to stay in the same place together, fulfill the building with performative life in the community. Art and life here are understood as an open playground where one can always discover, explore, and experiment, and where interactions and reflections are possible.

Opening: 10th of October 2019

Exhibition, performances, talks, conferences, living spaces: 11th of October till 10th of November 2019

Ana Adamović
Mitesh Dixit
Elina Duni
Yan Duyvendak
Jan Eugster
Ivan Grubanov
Samuel Herzog
Dejan Klincov
Muda Mathis, Sus Zwick, and Fränzi Madörin
Dieter Meier
Alexandra Meyer
Radenko Milak
Branko Milisković
Milica Rakić
Christoph Rütimann
Katja Schenker
Nataša Šešić
Andrea Štaka
Mladen Stilinović
Olivier Suter
Dragan Zdravković
Milica Tomić

COMPILER//01 DVD-Magazine for contemporary art, curator Susann Wintsch, in collaboration with Milica Tomić and friends, collaborators, visitors…




The fifth Triennial Festival of Extravagant Bodies in September 2019 bears the subtitle Extravagant Love!

An international exhibition, performances, workshops, talks with artists and a conference bring together artists, researchers, and scientists who are re-examining, deconstructing and reconstructing what it means to love, whom we can love and how to express that love.

Extravagant love brings to the surface new perspectives of love, love with a twist, which we live and consume every day. It tests out what it means to love another, others, one’s surroundings or oneself when the expectations set by society and the global and local milieu are uprooted. It provides a look at the future that we are living today, demolishing expectations and building new ideas of romantic love, the family and friendship.

The Extravagant Bodies: Extravagant Love festival is bringing together over thirty internationally acclaimed artists and researchers, from Croatia and the immediate region and the world at large, who are going to respond to the issues of the festival with interdisciplinary, interactive and Ambiental installations, video works, photos, artist’s books, manifestos, lectures, and performances.

Taking part are: Adam Zaretsky (USA), Dalila Honorato (uSA), Anna Dumitriu (UK), Antonija Bačić (HR), Boris Debackere & Jerry Galle (BE), Vitar Drinković (HR), Charlotte Fuentes (FR), Dan Oki and Sandra Sterle (HR), Dani Ploeger (NL), Darko Vukić (RS), ECOSEX (USA), Jaden Hastings (AU), Jens Christian Bo Johansen (DK) and Sara Jurinčić (HR), Ana Sladetić (HR), Josip Pino Ivančić (HR), Maja Smrekar (SL), Marta de Menezes (PT), Saša Spačal (SL), Shir Handelsan (IL), Siniša Labrović (HR), Zane Cerpina (NO), Branko Milisković (RS), Julischka Stengele (AT), Niko Mihaljević (HR), Roce Canibal (AS), Sonja Pregrad, Tin Dožić and Andro Giunio (HR).

Partners: Nikola Tesla Technical Museum (Zagreb), Museum of Contemporary Art (Zagreb), Organ Vida Photographic Association (Zagreb), Museum of Broken Relationships (Zagreb), E.A. 1/1 S.V. (Zagreb) Live Music (Zagreb), OZI or School of Scientific Research (Zagreb), gray) (area (Korčula), Platform 9.81 (Split).

Curatorial team: Stahl Stenslie (Norway), Klara Petrović and Luja Šimunović (KONTEJNER, Croatia).

Opening at 7 pm on September 18, 2019, in HALA V of the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum in Zagreb. The exhibition will stay on in HALA V of the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum from September 18 to October 10, 2019.

Extravagant Bodies is the title of the international art festival devised by Olga Majcen Linn and Sunčica Ostoić that since 2007 has been held every three years, organized by KONTEJNER | bureau of contemporary art practice.
The Festival is concerned with the ways in which society determines the boundaries of the normal and the pathological, whether it is corporeality, appearance, behavior, sexuality or lifestyle that is concerned.


Visual identity: Andro Giunio