Yellow Fish Durational Performance Art Festival


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The Song of a Soldier on Watch (The Song from the Grave)

27 – 31 August 2018


I have always been interested in direct contact with the public, intending to establish a special charismatic presence, to try and blend with the audience and finally take it under my wing. Communicating with the public, both in a direct and tinged with mystification manner, I use my body and identity as the main media, creating subsequent characters with strong visual imagery, facing with my national as well as my emotional background.

Relationship to time / duration and the effect it has on your work…

​I fervently believe that performing body can become electrified after certain period of time being in a particular state of mind, affecting and disturbing the molecules of its surrounding.

However, I don’t believe that duration, by default, can produce a powerful performance but rather more the possibility of a performer to compress the floating time in singular presence.

Festival Piece Title 

(The Song from the Grave)
One Man Opera

​I will show a novel performance, inspired by Arnold Schönberg’s famous opera Erwartung and concept of perpetual anticipations as well as notorious German love song Lili Marlene. Involved here is a variation on the suffering of thousands of families during and after the World Wars, awaiting the return of their loved ones from the front.

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Year 2017 in professional review:

January, CABARET of an INTRUDER, solo performance, CIRCA Art Actuel, Montreal, Canada
May, [G]RAND MASTER, seven hours solo performance, KUNST OP STRAAT, Roermond, The Netherlands
September, DAS LIED AUS DEM GRAB, video, Berlin, Germany
November, APPOINTED, performance, LADA, London, UK


January 12th, 2018. ”Exhibition of new Members of ULUS” and performance ”CABARET of an INTRUDER” at Art Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzorić, Belgrade, Serbia

September 7th – October 21st, 2018, ”The Marvellous Cacophony”, Belgrade Biennale 2018 / 57th October Salon, Belgrade, Serbia
Curators: Gunnar Kvaran and Danielle Kvaran…/rezultati-konkursa-za-izlaganje-na…/

November 2018, ‘’Contemporary Art Dialogues’’, Tirana, Albania
To be confirmed

Branko Milisković – [G]RAND MASTER, London, UK

grand master diptych probe.001

Branko Milisković
Photographic portrait – Diptych
Photography and postproduction by  Isidora Bojovic
Location: Freemasons’ Hall
London, United Kingdom
November 17th, 2017
This photo diptych will be released in limited edition, 9+1 (authors copy), each signed individually by Branko Miliskovic. To purchase, please get in contact for further details. Thank You.