Performance by Zhana Ivanova with Richard Gauteron, Vincent Artison, Patrick Mangold, Terence Carron, Dyllan Ferreux and Branko Miliskovic
Curated by Madeleine Amsler and Marie-Eve Knoerle
Halles de la Fonderie av. Cardinal-Mermillod 17-19 1227 Carouge
Photographs by Sonia Chanel and Irina Popa

SC_M8863SC_M8788sans titre-116



Photographic project by Branko Miliskovic with Marta Jovanovic
9 Jul 2015, G12 HUB, Belgrade
Photography and postproduction by Tina Maric

self dual triptih.001***

Anđela Grabež, solo exhibition titled ”Vreme Basni” @O3ONE gallery, 12-24 may 2015 Belgrade, Serbia // © Anđela Grabež // http://www.o3one.rs/5459/vreme-basni/


HAVE YOU COMMITTED GENOCIDE !? with Helen Schröder at G12 HUB, Belgrade, Serbia; 29 November 2014, duration 30 min / video by Senja Vild


HERR MILISKOVIC (Leben eines Eindringlings) collaboration with Helen Schröder @KAMPNAGEL, HAMBURG / Jan 2014

Photo by Anja Winterhalterscreen shoot sing sing

INTRO performance for ”The Questions Library” collaborative work with Claudia De La Torre in Kunsthalle in Baden – Baden, Germany -January 25th, 2013  / Duration: 15 min; Link

photo by Michael BelogourPhoto by Michael Belogour 2***pozivnica

Tekst za izlozbu Bojane Rajevic.doc

***Self portrait on -20 C

Portrait on -20 C
Photo by Hannu Seppälä
Turku / Finland
January 2011
Camera : Hasselblad 500 C.



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