INTERLOPER ( portrait )



Eindringling [GER] , Inntrengeren [NO] , Uljez [RS]


A person who becomes involved in a place or situation where they are not wanted or are considered not to belong.    

Interloper is a sort of guerrilla performance made up for photography which took place in Trondheim / Norway during the Norway’s National Day ( Norge Nasjonaldag ) on the 17th of May. The work itself came as a continuation of my journey within the concept of nationality and possibility of integration under any circumstances.


In Interloper, however, Branko Miliskovic himself was the transgressor – not necessarily of rules, but of boundaries. The artist appeared at a gathering for Norway’s National Day celebrations on May 17, 2011, dressed completely in black and carrying the largest Norwegian flag that he could find. Given this appearance, he stood out among the crowd, all of whom were dressed in national costume. The performance was about the possibility of fitting in in a foreign society, and though Branko, the foreigner, carried the “loudest” and most patriotic flag, by virtue of its size, he was actually criticized by one of the onlookers for blocking the view with it. Clearly, no matter how hard the interloper tries, he cannot fit in in a foreign society.

From the text written by Amy Bryzgel , Performing the East 

May the 17th 2011, Norway’s National Day
live – guerrilla performance
Duration: 30 minutes, three different locations
Trondheim, Norway
Thanks to Willow Mitchell
Photo by: Dag- Arve Forbergskog

Art critic by Sissel M. Bergh , Trondheim, NO

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